Sails and Snook

Report Date: August 17, 2004

Hey! We do still go fishing from time to time. Over the last week, we did a couple swordfish trips. The bad part is we only had one bite and it got away. We skipped a few days as the bad guy attacked the west coast of Florida. Our prayers go out to those who endured so much of natures wrath.

We had a good snook trip on Saturday night. We caught 8 snook and a couple of jacks. We had another evening trip last night, but suffered a banana attack. One of our guest brought both bananas and trail mix with bananas. We had a struggle catching bait and never got a strike while wreck fishing or snook fishing. We went home with our tail between our legs.

Today we had Scott Kenny and a couple of his friends out. Scott and John both caught their first sailfish, both on 12 pound tackle. We were anchored in 90 and 120 feet of water. We also caught 2 king mackerel, a big cero mackerel, 2 yellowtail snappers, 2 bonitos, a barracuda and a mutton snapper.

It?s August. That means hot temperatures during the day and hot fishing at night. Swordfish, cuberas, snook and snapper should please most anglers. Be very careful running the boat as divers will be thick this month. Don?t forget all those yellowtail snapper waiting in Bimini. Look for all the target fish from snappers to sailfish to be further from shore and deeper below the surface. Hey we have 5 or 6 trips open this month, give us a call. 305-945-5114

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