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Report Date: August 22, 2004

We don?t want monsters, we want monster yellowtails? those were the words of Lee, one of the two wonderful ladies we took to Bimini this week. Lee and Pat have years of fishing experience. They have no desire to catch fish that take 20 minutes to fight to the boat, and then release. They like to catch a few fish for dinner and laugh a lot while catching them. Well, I can tell you that fishing with these ladies is a lot of fun. We started fishing about 1 PM on Wednesday. By 5 the fish box was yellow with our target fish. The biggest was 5 pounds on a certified scale.

The ladies captured the flags

These ladies could sneak a 2 or 3 pound yellowtail snapper past a 100 pound shark like no other angler ever has. Of course Lee spent a lot of time fighting the sharks and cudas, while Pat filled the fish box with chunky yellowtail snappers for future dinners.

Day two found us sight seeing over shallow wrecks and then heading north for new territories to capture those flag yellowtails. Our first stop produced yellowtails up to 3 pounds at a steady pace, till the ladies said they had enough action from that spot. We moved west, and ran out of current. We tried a couple more spots, but with no current, you get no fish.

This called for a change of targets and methods. The ladies were interested in trying deep dropping, so off we went toward 1300 feet of water. There we caught silk snappers from 1 to 5 pounds. Trying to catch a variety of species, we moved to 1150 feet of water further south. Here we scored big. With our bait only on the bottom for a few minutes, we had a strike. The big heavy rod bent toward the water And the electric reel groaned. The rod bucked and we all chewed our lip as we hoped the hooks would hold as this monster rose through the depths. When the rod would jerk and jump, we would resolve ourselves to an amberjack catch, but when the line scoped out behind the boat our spirits would lift with hopes of grouper. After ten minutes color appeared in the depths, bubbles burst as they reached the surface and a 34 pound grouper

Lee and Pat with a Mystic grouper

topped off our fish box. The ladies had enough. They were ready for cool drinks, hot dinner and had minds filled with great memories of good times fishing in Bimini.

Saturday we fished off Miami with Juan and his daughter, Mariana, her friend Ariel and Juan?s friend Jonathan. The morning action was terrible. We were targeting snapper and grouper. The current was ripping to the north, but the bite was off. As the moon rose about 12:30, the fish turned on. We ended the afternoon with 2 sailfish (Mariana and Jonathan?s first ever) 2 bonitos, 2 yellowtail snapper, 6 mutton snapper up to 10 pounds, 2 remoras, a ray, a shark and a moray eel. From the greatest to the strangest of catches. A fun day for all.

It?s August and September is around the corner. That means hot temperatures during the day and hot fishing at night. Swordfish, cuberas, snook and snapper should please most anglers. Be very careful running the boat as divers will be thick this month. Don?t forget all those yellowtail snapper waiting in Bimini. Look for all the target fish from snappers to sailfish to be further from shore and deeper below the surface. Hey we have a few trips open this month and next, so give us a call. 305-945-5114

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