September Start

Report Date: September 1, 2004

September is blowing into south Florida. Over the last 10 days we have suffered from tough fishing and reveled in hot action. We snook fished on the 22nd with the Pemberton family. Tom caught a couple of snook, but it was tough fishing. Monday night we fished with Monty Richardson and his dad and the fishing was great for snook. We will never know if it was karma or weekend traffic, but we caught 7

Monty's 44 inch snook

snook to 44 inches (about 30 pounds). Tuesday night Monty caught a very important fish. He had caught every billfish in the world except a swordfish, and caught and released a nice swordfish before midnight. This completed a super lifetime goal.

Wednesday we caught another swordfish with the Gary Forman party. Then the bottom fell out of our fishing luck. We fished the Islamorada Swordfish Tournament without a swordfish bite over two nights. We did catch a pending world record almaco jack on fly, a small tuna and a skipjack tuna on the way out for the second night of the tournament. And we caught way too many 15 pound sharks during the tournament.

Monday night was my last attempt at cubera snapper till something changes. All the conditions were right, but for the 5th trip over two years, we failed to hook a fish. I think the resource is shot. We released nearly all we caught over the years, but others don?t. These great game fish also look just like gray snapper in their early years, and we know they are over fished.

The good ending of this story came Tuesday afternoon. We fished with New Jersey residents Sue and Phil Lidlow. Sue caught and released her first two sailfish ever and Phil released a sailfish and boated two king mackerel.

Well batten down the hatches, cause here comes Frances. We hope all come through this in good shape. Once all is clear let?s start planning those great winter fishing trips. E-mail me at

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