April Action

Report Date: April 13, 2005

Spring fishing is off and running. This is a great time of year to be out fishing. Two weeks ago we made three evening tarpon trips. The first was two young ladies, a boy friend and their dad. They caught 8 tarpon from 40 to 70 pounds while having a ball. The second trip was three young men and their uncle. The boys had a lot of tough breaks, but caught 4 out of 8 tarpon up to 100 pounds. Then the third night we stopped for an hour on the way home from offshore and caught 3 out of 4. Two of these were one hundred pound tarpon, producing some wild action.

Day trips were so good As well. The kingfish were so thick, that they sometimes made sailfish tough. 4 to 12 pound fish are eating the bait on a regular basis. Some big blackfin tuna and a few yellowfin tuna were crashing the party along the coast. Our only visit was a big yellowfin that emptied a 20 pound spin outfit and broke the line just above the leader.

Then we got sick. A super cold or something put us down. We have struggled through a few days of regular fishing and the Miami Billfish Tournament. 500+ sails and we only went 5 for 7. We fished great looking water with all the right appearance and did not see many fish. We?ll get ?em next year.

Since the tournament we have fished 2 days. Rick and John did the sailfish thing on Monday and caught 2 out of 3 plus a dolphin. We went back to the dock at 4 to switch charters and the boats that stayed out caught 4 or 5 sails over the next two hours. But by the same token we picked up Myron Ware and his daughter Melita, and they caught 2 out of 5 tarpon over 80 pounds each. A lot of laughing and cheering went on during those fights.

Tuesday we fished with JR and Rachel from Michigan. The tarpon really schooled us over the day. We fished 5 locations found tarpon in 4 (both bay and ocean side). The first we saw was on and jumping before he threw the hook. The second was over one hundred pounds and we got the leader on her. We wore her down till she was starting to lay over on her side, but the hook came out before JR got his dream picture. Still a great release catch. We had a bunch that came up and looked at the bait, but did not bite. Finally late in the day Rachel caught a tarpon of about 50 pounds. We jumped one more at the whistle and called it a day. Great people dealing with some tough fish.

The evening trip was once again with Rick and John. Those tarpon have been slow to eat anything but live mullet the last couple days. That has made the hookups tougher. Again tonight we had several on before one finally ate a shrimp. As is the way with shrimp, we caught that 80 pound tarpon after a good fight, but the hook was in there solid. Those mullet produce great strikes, but they are harder to land.

April offers some super fishing as does May. We have several openings for a day of sails, dolphin, tuna and kings. We also have a few evening tarpon trips open. E mail us at capt.bouncer@att.net and let?s go catch a great day.

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