Fabulous Fishing in April

Report Date: April 27, 2005

April is coming to an end with a bang. We fished Friday with Tom and 11 year old Peter Kane. They had heard that permit might be found around the full moon in April as well as hoping that they could match their friend Ben Cohen at catching a ?Gold Coast Grand Slam?. Friday broke with no wind and no current. That meant that catching sails and dolphin might be tough, but it was good conditions for permit. It was a good call. Peter lost a couple permit before he landed a 20 pound beauty. Then it was Tom?s turn. Luck was not coming his way as several fish got away. Peter thought another lesson was called for. Peter proceeded to catch our best permit in a couple years. He scored with a 38 pound slab of power and

Peter and Bouncer with a 38 pound permit

handsome looks. That was enough for Tom. He then caught a permit around 20 pounds and we went searching for new game.

As the afternoon progressed, Peter and Tom both caught king mackerel. A small dolphin escaped from the kite bait and unfortunately, Peter did a great job fighting a sailfish before the hook pulled. Don?t worry the boys will be back Saturday night.

Friday night Ben Escanazi and his buddy Dominick entertained a couple of friends with some tarpon fishing. Things were slow till the sun went down, but then the tarpon went on a shrimp hunt. 4 tarpon found our shrimp, and 2 fought their way along side the boat for photos and releases.

Amanda and Steve Nichols, her father, decided to follow the Kane?s lead and try those permit. It was a good move as they caught 4 permit up to 32 pounds over a few hours. With no wind and thousands of boats out for the beautiful day, the other fish were in hiding. We caught 1 barracuda the rest of the trip. That was spending 2 hours running around looking for dolphin and anchoring on 3 wrecks.

Amanda caught a couple permit

Back to Tom and Peter. They joined us for the evening trip. The sails have bit just about every day between 5 and 7 PM. The Kane boys decided to give them a try before going for tarpon at dark. It was a great call as Peter caught and released a 35 to 40 pound sailfish and Tom did the same with a estimated 75 pound sailfish. Both fish fought very hard and long, so the boys were ready for some relaxing tarpon fishing. WRONG!!!

Just after dark a tarpon found our shrimp and Tom took the rod. 1 hour and 40 minutes latter, we released one very tough 120 pound tarpon. Rumor has it that Peter had to hold a straw to Tom?s lips for him to drink an ice tea the next day.

Hey we have some more fish to tell about. Sunday was a little slow, but we got 2 king mackerel and 3 bonito.

Sunday night found Jeremy and Genienne Hockensmith fishing with us. Genienne had a sailfish threaten to make her day before dark, but it never felt the hook. Even before dark, Jeremy was hooked up with a crazy tarpon. It jumped all around the area and other boats were running for cover. Next it tried to attack a cruise ship. After about 40 minutes of wild battle this 140 pound lady was worn out. A bunch of photos were taken and she was released to fight another day.

Monday Alan Clapp joined us to celebrate his 70th birthday while visiting his daughter. Alan has come from England to Florida every couple of years for 25 years to visit his family and fish with us. Monday he caught 3 of 4 sailfish, 4 dolphin, 4 bonitos, 2 barracudas and a kingfish. What a nice trip.

Monday evening Genienne and Jeremy were back. Genienne caught a beautiful sailfish and Jeremy missed a couple. They both caught 25 pound blackfin tuna at the same time and Genienne caught a tarpon while Jeremy caught a monster ladyfish.

Tuesday Alan Clapp was back for more. This spry young 70 year old scored with 4 of 4 sailfish, 3 blackfin tuna up to 28 pounds, 2 kings, 4 bonito and then fought a tarpon for a while, before it jumped off and then caught his first snook.

Tuesday night Jay Hanson caught 2 bonito, an 18 pound king and then did long battle with a spectacular 140 pound tarpon that towed us back to the marina.

If your ready to try and have a day like these, we have 5 days left in May. Let?s go catch some. E-mail capt.bouncer@att.net

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