July fishing travels

Report Date: June 16, 2005

July has been a couple weeks of adventure so far. We started the month with a cruise through the Bahamas. We left out of Miami on the second. Approaching Bimini we caught and released several 6 to 8 pound dolphin. We put one on ice for dinner and when the school moved on we headed in to clear customs and start our island hopping.

After a quick visit to Bimini and buying a couple loaves of Bimini Bread we were on our way. We anchored north of the island and caught a couple yellowtail snapper and cero mackerel before heading southeast for Chub Cay. After a 3 hour run, we set out the marlin lures in the Tongue of the Ocean. We found dirty water and no marine life. Two hours produced nothing.

After spending the night off Chub, we headed for a submarine Autech Bouy off Andros Island. The bouy gave up a couple big blue runners, a small yellowfin tuna for dinner and a beautiful 34 pound yellowfin tuna on 12 pound tackle for Roberta Arostegui.

We ran east to Nassau and spent the evening there. At the crack of ten the next morning we were headed for Eluthera. With stops for snorkeling on shallow coral heads, anchoring for lunch along side deserted islands and trolling for marlin and skipjack tuna, we reached Davis Harbor by 4 in the afternoon.

Snorkeling off Davis Harbor showed us plenty of big mutton snapper that were on a diet, that means not biting. We caught a couple yellowtails and a shark as the sunset and we headed for the dock.

The next day we ran and trolled down to The Bridge. This is a reef that extends from the southeast tip of Eluthera to the west coast of Little San Salvador. The bridge was full of grouper, but sharks ate every grouper over 3 or 4 pounds. It was a big let down. Trolling produce good action on the reef . We had ceros, yellowtails and assorted jacks.

The next day was windy as we headed for Staniel Cay. There we found poor facilities and very antisocial dock crews. We could not wait to get out of there. We snorkeled Thunderball Grotto, where the movie was made with James Bond. We snorkeled some reefs and rocky shorelines for the afternoon. The wind climbed to 25 knots.

It was a long run to Fresh Creek, Andros the next day. Along the way we found hundreds of birds and tuna. We caught tuna on both lures every time we trolled through the birds. It was ball catching and releasing blackfin, yellowfin and a single skipjack tuna for over an hour of non-stop action.

Arriving at Fresh Creek we learned about Dennis the Menace attacking the Jamaica and heading for Florida. We stayed in Andros till the weather cleared and we could run home Sunday.

Tuesday through Thursday we fished from 4 till midnight and Friday from 8 AM till 9 PM with some great guys from Long Island, NY. Every man had his evening or day. They caught a swordfish and several dolphin from 5 to 12 pounds on evening one. It was 4 jack crevalle, 3 barracuda, a nurse shark, a 7 pound snook and a whopping 28 pound snook on evening two. Evening three was nobodies trip as we caught 2 dolphin after targeting tarpon, dolphin and swordfish. Friday we fished for bottom fish in the morning and caught 5 mutton snapper to 11 pounds, a 12 pound gray grouper, an African pompano a remora and a stingray. The whole afternoon was used up searching for surface action. It only produced one missed sailfish and one king. The evening trip produced a nice blackfin tuna and three big bonitos. We had no action with tarpon before being chased in by a storm.

If you want surface action inshore or off, you need to fish very early or very late during the heat of the day. Most of our dolphin were caught 15 miles offshore around 8 in the evening. Check your running lights while planning these low light trips.

There will be plenty of snook and swordfish caught in August and September. Make plans to join us at capt.bouncer@att.net

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