Mid August Fishing

Report Date: August 21, 2005

August has produced above normal action for this time of year. We spent a few days in Bimini with Lee Lavery and Pat Flury from Dania. The yellowtail snapper were challenging, but we caught enough to have fun. We also caught some nice yellow eye and button snapper in the deep water. Lee scored big with her first cobia. This 30 pound fish found us on a shallow wreck east of the island.

When we got back from Bimini it was time to test the local bottom fishing. We fished for 4 days with Renny and his friends from Hong Kong. They caught a tagged 80 pound sailfish in 300 feet of water on a live herring. During their 4 days they caught a bunch of big vermillion snapper, dozens of porgy, a few snowy groupers, a couple black grouper, a kingfish and some almaco jacks. They had sore arms a couple times.

This past Thursday Bill and 8 year old

Wyatt got a sailfish and this wahoo

Wyatt Rubin fished with us. Wyatt stole the show. He caught 3 kingfish, but the tail got bit off the biggest one. This 20 pound fish lost a race with a shark and turned into a 15 pound king mackerel. Wyatt also caught a nice barracuda and really showed off with a 25 pound wahoo and a sailfish. Bill was snake bit. After falling out of the boat, the fish were so Leary of him, that they spit the hook if he touched the rod.

Thursday night J Dawg, a.k.a. Jacob or Jake Reiner did something that I have feared, but not seen before. His first snook ever was a 15 pound beauty before a 40 pound barracuda bit it in half 20 feet behind the boat. That was a bummer. He and his dad did catch and release a couple nice ones, in whole condition.

Half fight snook

Friday Jake and his dad, Mike joined us for a couple days in Bimini. We fished shallow wrecks for fast action the first half of Friday?s fishing. Gray snapper to 3 or 4 pounds were hot and heavy along with big blue runners. Jake used live pilchards while his father learned how to scored with the fly rod. The second half of the day was spent on wrecks in 90 feet of water and produced 6 big horse eye jacks and a 18 pound black grouper.

Saturday morning was back to shallow wreck fishing. We had a ball catching fish as fast as the baits hit the water. 2 cobia made both Jake and Mike instant heroes in the scoring department. They caught yellowtail snapper, big blue runners and sharks till the J Dawg collapsed on the bench with exhaustion. Mike is now a fly fishing master. His cast are long and straight. The sharks and big blue runners fear him. Mike caught a lot of fish on the fly rod, but there were a couple he wants a rematch with. That cobia that nibbled the back of the fly will bug him the rest of the year.

Needing a break, we ran to the drop off. We anchored in 60 feet of water and the fish were waiting for the chum to hit the water. Clouds of yellowtails fought the chubs for lunch. After missing a couple big grouper, catching several yellowtails and fighting a couple mackerel and barracuda, we moved to 100 feet of water in search of the missing giant shark. Jake had caught a couple 80 pound beauties on Friday and a bunch of 15 pound sharks in the morning, but he needed a monster. In 30 minutes three sharks answered our call. The first ripped 80 pound line from the reel like a north bound freight train, cutting our line on the drop off. The second abused Jake for several minutes before breaking the 100 leader. Finally Mike beat a 75 pound attacker as time ran out on our adventure. We sure had a lot of fun and action on this trip.

The Reiner guys and their shark

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