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Report Date: October 11, 2005

Boy! Have we been lazy with the reports. The truth is with storms and getting ready to move, I haven?t been thinking about fishing in my spare time. No we are not moving the boat, just the home. Since our last report we did one Bimini trip. It was very good and a lot of fun. We fished with a fleet of Dusky owners who caught yellowtail snapper, grouper, big king mackerel and plenty of other fine fish. Every afternoon ended in the pool at the Bimini Sands Beach Club where fish tales ran rampant.

We have done some swordfish trips. We fished 3 nights with 8 pound line. The first night we caught one about 40 pounds. You learn how tough these fish are when they are heavier than the line. It took 8 hours and 20 minutes to defeat this fish. When released, he swam away in good condition. The next night we fought one for about 45 minutes before he escaped and the last evening we fought one for about 20 minutes before we ran out of line. We will catch them on 8 pound line again in two weeks.

We fished a tournament this last Saturday night and caught 2 swordfish of about 50 and 65 pounds, a 100 pound hammerhead shark plus 3 night sharks from 10 to 140 pounds.

Yesterday we targeted bottom fish. We spent half the day going for mutton snapper and caught a 7 pound mutton and a 6 pound African pompano. The other half of the day was aimed at grouper and we caught 4 gray grouper from 8 to 15 pounds and a 8 pound red grouper. As a bonus we caught a 10 pound blackfin tuna on a flat lined herring in 200 feet of water.

Last evening we went after the grouper again. The bad news was that we went 0 for 4 on the good strikes. The good news was that we caught a nice sailfish on that flatlined herring. We snooked fished for about 90 minutes without any action.

Sailfish season is rapidly approaching and we will get pretty busy, so let?s stat planning those trips. We are still available for the Hydro Glow, Dark Side of the Moon tournament and the Fort Lauderdale billfish tournaments. There is a fly division in the Fort Lauderdale tournament if you want a special challenge. To plan your trip email me at capt.bouncer@att.net

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