December Fishing

Report Date: December 4, 2018

December Fishing has arrived! Let’s look at the catches over the last week or so.

We started 8 mahi to 18 pounds and a sailfish for Janet’s guest. . These fish were all caught while kite fishing in 120 feet of water.

Mahi magic

Sailfish are getting thicker

The next day Mikey wanted a big swordfish. He got it at about 125 pounds. He friend wanted to catch something, so we hit the reef and caught 2 cobia, 2 tuna, 2 jacks and a shark.

Mikey's Swordfish

This cobia came off a tiger shark

OK , let’s forget about the slow day that Paul and Sara caught. A couple of barracuda and a mackerel were all we could find for this nice couple.

Spanish mackerel

Our next trip produced a bunch of tuna, a shark and 2 sailfish for Peter and Gary. You know it’s a good day when your releasing tunas.

Skipjack tuna are fast

The next day Rachel and Adam had a hot day. They caught a bunch of mackerel and bonito, a couple nice mahi, a tuna, a couple of groupers, a snapper and when Rachel ask to catch a shark, Abie put her on a 250 pound bull shark.



We had another one of those slow days for the Brill’s yesterday. They did catch a few kingfish and bonitos. The bottom produced a couple of cobia and a snapper and finally a sailfish joined the fun right at quitting time.

Look for fishing to stay hot through the end of the year. Sailfish, mahi, tuna, kingfish and grouper usually fill the days and Tarpon may appear any day now.

Capt. Bouncer Smith


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