February is off to a Good Start

Report Date: February 8, 2020

Well we made it through the big holidays and January. I hope yesterday is an indicator of what lies ahead. We stopped to catch some herring and sardines on the way offshore and it was hard to catch bait. Not because of a lack of herring, sardines and cigar minnows, but because of all the mackerel and small sharks.

We caught a Spanish mackerel, a kingfish and a sharp nose shark and headed offshores. We set up in 75 feet of water with a bait on the bottom, 2 kite baits and 2 flatline baits.

As we worked offshore we caught a lesser amberjack on the bottom line.

At about 180 feet of water we caught a mahi and a silky shark. Soon thereafter, we hooked a big sailfish. We had two ladies on board and this big sailfish wore them both out. Our primary guest, Jeff, finished the fight. We tagged and released this beautiful sailfish, caught several more sharks and headed home.

We took a survey of the remaining bait that we had bought from Frank on Ashley Live Bait and decided to go with what we had. We fished with pilchards, goggle eyes and herring. Whichever kite line had a herring, that was the line that the sailfish ate.

Over our two trips we raised 5 sailfish and caught 3. A couple of mahi, a kingfish, a mackerel, a lesser amberjack, a tuna and about a dozen sharks kept our guest busy all day.

We are entering the time of year when any given day you can have crazy good action from tarpon , sailfish or swordfish. Please plan ahead for your trips. We have 5 days left available in March, about 8 left in February and 12 left in April.

I will be at the Evinrude in water display at the Miami International Boat Show every day giving demo rides on my new Dusky 33 Tournament.

Capt. Bouncer Smith


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