Summer Snapper have been Fun Lately

Report Date: August 7, 2018

We had several young men out recently and after a morning of bonitos, kingfish, barracuda and bonito, we searched for hours trying to find a wahoo.

Summer variety

With the end of the day closing in, the Father realized the boys needed some closing action. We hit a couple rock piles around 300 feet deep and the boys had a ball catching big yellow eye snappers. They even caught a American red snapper which we had to release.

Big yellow eye snapper little angler

During the lobster mini season we had scheduled a Cubera snapper trip. Cubera snappers prefer live lobsters as bait. My dive gang of 3 ) 15 year old young men and 2 older guys plus a girl, caught their limit of 72 lobsters in 2 hours.

At 6:30 PM we took off after the Cubera snappers with 6 people on board. That was 3 anglers, their host R J Boyle, my co-captain Abie and myself. We were home at 1 AM we were back at the dock with 1 Cubera for dinner, 2 Cubera snapper releases and 12 lobsters left for dinner. We had 12 good bites.

Cubera snapper live lobsters

A couple of days ago the trolling was slow. After 2 hours we had 1 kingfish and 1 bonito. We switched to live pilchards and caught 2 kingfish, 3 bonito and 3 mutton snapper in 90 minutes.

Targeting mahi-mahi has been hard work lately. There has been too much sargasso weed, pick mahi and most the mahi have been too small as well. If you hang in there till the afternoon, you will do better.

One day we had 3 bonito, 2 kingfish and a sailfish by 9:30 trolling in 150 feet of water. We then headed out for mahi. In 4 hours we caught 3 throw back mahi and were 20 miles offshore.

3 miles back toward shore at about 1:30 we hit a weed line and caught 35 mahi to 30 pounds in an hour. Don’t miss the afternoon bite.

The summer Slammer

August is our toughest month. We will have some good days of mahi, a good chance for swordfish and release them gently snook. Diving for lobsters will be the cooler choice.

A giant amberjack for a tough kid

Shark week by Kevin Dodge

Capt. Bouncer Smith


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