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Our 11 foot thresher get air

Rob's wahoo ate a kite bait

Corey's trout is almost as big as his smile

A 300 pound goliath grouper is tough

Black Grouper are being helped by new laws

Laura enjoyed catching this 250lb swordfish

Anthony had a ball catching trout

Lucas caught his first sail with Uncle Al

Ben's swordfish got away but he got this oilfish

This swordfish heard we were going to release him

Sandy always catches dinner

the trout have been thick

Larry waited 20 Years for his 60 lb Cubera

Brian scored several Big Cubera Snappers

The Big Game Seaqualizer handles Big Cubera teeth

75 lb Cubera Snapper caught by Marty

Tyler's World record Cubera Snapper

Chris and Diana big Queen Snapper

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