Going Bananas!!!

WARNING! Bananas are hazardous to your fishing success. I am not here to condemn this delicious fruit. As a matter of fact, I enjoy eating the little fellows. But I will not eat one within 6 hours of going fishing. We have seen evidence over and over again that anything even slightly related to bananas can ruin fishing. It is true that convincing lovely ladies to throw their "Banana" Republic blouses overboard has improved fishing. It is also true that angler pulling fellow angler briefs out to cut off the labels of "Fruit of the loom" has caused wedgies and better fishing. It is rumored that this label put the brief company into bankruptcy. I fished with a world famous fly fisherman all day and we never caught a fish. And on the way home he pulled out his bag of plantain chips to offer me some to console me on our unproductive fishing day. There is a popular sunscreen that we have found it necessary to ban from the boat.

Please remember the song," Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today", when fishing with us, Bouncer


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